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Hilhaven Lodge
The Photo Booth Pictures

Edited by Brett Ratner. Introduction by Robert Evans.

$55.00 $35.00


215 pages
10.3 x 6.8 inches
Published by powerHouse Books in 2003
ISBN 978-1576871959

When director Brett Ratner bought Hilhaven Lodge, the former home of Ingrid Bergman, his first purchase was an old-school black-and-white photo booth. Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures captures–in candid, four-panel glory–the revolving door of A-listers who have passed through chez Ratner and stopped to strike a pose.

John Divola
Seven Dogs
One Picture Book

$95.00 $60.00


Published by Nazraeli Press in 2008
ISBN 978-1590052075

Nazraeli Press continues its One Picture Book Series with this latest installment by California photographer John Divola. From the publisher: “The logic of ‘seven dogs’ is based on two assumptions. First, if one makes a group of photographs in an environment based on the simple rule that a dog and man must be in each frame, a casual description of the surrounding environment will result. And second, if we accept that one year in a dog’s life is the equivalent of seven for a human, a man might reasonably expect a life seven dogs long.” Printed in a limited edition of only 500 copies, One Picture Book #47 “Seven Dogs” includes an original color print, signed on back and dated by Divola.

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Manuel Alvarez Bravo, A Day in April 1999

$75.00 $50.00


Published by Nazraeli Press in 2008
ISBN 978-1590052228

One Picture Book #46 from Nazraeli Press, 2008

As the title suggests, one day in April 1999 Lars Schwander traveled to Coyoacan, Mexico City, to interview Manuel Alvarez Bravo. This was just three years before Bravo died, aged 100, and Schwander’s portrayal of the legendary Mexican photographer – through words and pictures – is both delightful and touching.

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Artists For Tichy, Tichy for Artists

Texts by Hans-Peter Wipplinger, Roman Buxbaum, Adi Hoesle, Bazon Brock, Fatima Naqvi, Michael Stavaric

$60.00 $50.00


Hardcover casewrap, no dustjacket
10 x 12 inches
112pp, full colour plates
Published by Ocean Tichy Foundation in 2006
ISBN 9783939738169

This book has been published in connection with the exhibition ‘Artists for Tichy–Tichy for Artists’ at Museum Moderner Kunst Passau, 2006-2007. His works was exhibited with the following artists; Zbynek Baladran, Peter Beard, Anna & Bernhard Blume, Polly Borland, BazonBuetti, Rabea Eipperle, Eva & Adele, Fischli/Weiss, Gunther Forg, Katharina Grosse, Georg Herold, Jonathan Meese, Klaus Mettig, Ernesto Neto, Walter Niedermayr, Arno Nollen, Michael Nyman, Ralf Peters, Peter Piller, Arnulf Rainer, Pamela Rosenkranz, Thomas Ruff, Karin Sander, Adrian Schiess, Stefanie Schneider, Bernhard Schobinger, Katharina Sieverding, Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger, Vaclav Stratil, Annelies Strba, Miroslav Tichy, Keith Tyson, Peter Weibel, Andro Wekua, Georg Winter, Erwin Wurm, Angelika Zeller.

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Ed van der Elsken

Special edition from Steidl’s Edition 7L. Texts by Jan Vrijman, Hugo Claus, Simon Carmiggelt.

$36.00 $20.00


7.2 x 6.8 inches
116pp (109 black plates)
Published by Edition 7L (Steidl)
ISBN 9783865213907

Jazz was originally published in 1959, and since then it has become one of the most collectible photography books of the mid-twentieth century, ranking alongside the more widely known work of Christer Stromholm and Robert Frank. Like William Claxton’s Jazzlife and Dennis Stock’s Jazz Street, van der Elsken’s entry into the niche of music photography appeared just before the decisive moment when rock cemented its place as the popular music of choice for young people. It is perhaps the most successful of the era’s many photographic attempts to capture the essence of jazz, because it is more than just a succession of musicians’ portraits or even a documentary record of performance, but a book that visually echoes the music itself. Van Der Elsken’s work is that of both an authentic jazz fan and an experienced creator of photography books, who improvises in ways perfectly hooked in to both fields. Vince Aletti, writing in Artforum in 2000, said, “His jazz photos, made without flash in Amsterdam nightclubs, are gorgeous fields of grain, as moody and soulful as a sax riff,” and called Jazz “utterly original.”