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The Elephant Has Four Hearts

Digital prints on fuji-flex paper
32 x 24 inches / 81 x 61 cm

The Elephant Has Four Hearts Portfolio, is the photographic work of Vancouver based photographer Douglas Curran, containing 3 large prints from his series. Douglas Curran first met members of the Chewa people while working on a film in Zimbabwe in 1992. The Chewa he met were migrant workers from Malawi employed on plantations and in mines. Over a period of several years he gradually became integrated into this community in Malawi, photographing and filming their extraordinary rituals associated with a belief system known as Nyau. The Chewa rituals and their masks are part of a complex and spectacular set of beliefs that Curran has been encouraged by the Chewa to document. Curran, no longer an outsider to this culture, has created a stunning pictorial record that invites dialogue about recording the lives of others, and forces comparisons with contemporary performance art.

Tidyenawo, Let’s eat together
Chatewa village, Kachindamoto District, Malawi, 2000

Ndapita ku Maliro (Nkhuku Mutsekele), I’m going to the Funeral, Lock up the Chicken
Revealing an old man with his bulging cheeks and toothless gums, Ndapita instructs the young people of his compound to “lock up the chicken”, ie; to refrain from sexual relations during the time of the funeral rites. Ndapita’s prohibitions are part of the large and complex set of Chewa beliefs known as ndulo (literally, ‘to cut’). The Chewa believe that sex creates a ‘hot’ condition in individuals, while the ancestor spirits claim the deceased at the funeral are ‘cool’, creating an imbalance – a meeting of opposites that can have serious consequences for one’s family members. Seemingly nonsensical to westerners, other aspects of the ndulo act as conventions against incest, promote birth spacing and delineate the responsibility of fertility beyond one’s own being and desires. Lunguzi village, Kachindamoto District, Malawi, 1999

Apatakasi, The Portuguese Slaver
The Portuguese arrived on both the western and eastern coasts of the African continent in the mid 16th century, utilizing forced labour to build their colonies and feeding a continuous supply of Africans to their colonies in the New World. The holes in the face of Apatakasi recall the appearance of syphilis, brought to Africa from the New World by the Portuguese. Hatcliffe, Harare, Zimbabwe. 1997

Exhibition dates: Januray 8 – February 27, 2005

An international touring exhibition. (2006 – 2008)

3500 CND

  • Tidyenawo, Let's eat together


Inkjet print
Paper dimension is 25.4 x 15.8cm / 10 x 6.24 inches
Image size is 6.2 x 9.3 cm / 2 7/16 x 3 11/16 inches

From the exhibition Ornament and Reproach at the Satellite Gallery, November 8, 2013 to February 1, 2014.

This exhibition is accompanied with the release of a new Moyra Davey publication and 5 limited edition prints titled Empties (2013), a signed 36-page book documenting a selection of the photographs from the artist’s Bottle Grid series.
The edition includes the signed artist book with a single print from the Bottle series and a exhibition checklist. The print and checklist are inserted into the publication, suitable for framing.

This editon is almost sold out.


  • empties Moyra Davey

Another Happy Day

“This is going to be a happy day! Another happy day.”
– Samuel Beckett, Happy Days

Working alongside Presentation House Gallery, Jonah Samson has brought together Another Happy Day: a 96 page publication documenting a selection of his growing collection of found photographs. Each special edition includes a unique found photograph from Samson’s collection and a signed book in a custom made linen box.

Presentation House Gallery’s exhibition and book, selected from the collection of Canadian artist and art collector Jonah Samson, reveal the passions that drive personal art collections. It is an idiosyncratic assembly of snapshots, studio portraits and press photographs that reflects a dark sense of humour and attraction to the absurd. Primarily figurative, Samson’s collection reveals his interest in gesture, voyeurism and situations of conflict. Many of the images are unsettling and evoke a sense of tension or immanent violence. Samson attentively scans eBay in search of such images, sifting through a stream of millions of castoffs. He finds extraordinary moments buried within the prosaic, and is drawn to oddities captured in casual snapshots and in studio portraits that reveal more than their subjects realize or can control. The physical imperfections of the prints are amplified by camera mistakes, chemical imperfections and lens flares. Taken singly or together, the photographs in Another Happy Day reflect Samson’s fascination with the uncanny mysteries to be found in the commonplace. In the artist words: “the perfect picture for me is one that combines the magical, the disturbing, and the absurd.” Jonah Samson has been making art, writing and collecting for over a decade and currently lives on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Please note: Image #4 and #5 are now sold out.

500 CND

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Bomb Book

Box 8.25 x 6.25 x 12 inches
Each volume 7.75 x 5.75 x 0.875 inches

Andrea Pinheiro has produced a remarkable 12-volume, 2,450-page publication that documents every nuclear bomb detonation in the world since 1945. This hand-made, boxed work documents the name of one bomb on each page, and where no name exists, the page is left blank. Pinheiro has spent a decade conducting historical research into nuclear bomb tests, especially in relation to the history of photography, such as how fogged film led to the discovery of radiation. The artist has produced a highly unique historical archive that, significantly, contains no images but is simply a register of names, that gives every nuclear event equal significance. The durational experience of reading the books foregrounds the limits of representation.

Pinheiro is a Vancouver based artist, curator and educator who is currently teaching at Algoma University in Sault St. Marie, Ontario. This book work extends from her mixed-media works that investigate the technology developments of photography as a chemical interaction. Her photography, printmaking, sculpture and painting he has exhibited widely and is represented by Republic Gallery, Vancouver.

1000 CND

  • Andrea Pinheiro, Bomb Book, 2013

  • Bomb Book

10 Riot Songs

Cranfield and Slade
10 Riot Songs, 2012
12 inch phonographic record in red vinyl with flashing, encased in clear plexi
3.25 x 15.25 x 15.25 inches

10 Riot Songs was performed and recorded live at The Candahar Bar in Vancouver, BC, Canada on February 19, 2010. The Candahar Bar is a project by Theo Sims, curated by Reid Shier and Michael Turner for Presentation House Gallery, February 12-28 2010.

Cranfield and Slade are:
Rich Trawick (Bass)
Kathy Slade (Vocals)
Christa Min (Guitar)
Chris Harris (Guitar and vocals)
Brady Cranfield (Drums)

Recorded and mixed by Jordan Koop.
Mastered by Stu McKillop.

750 CND

  • 10 Riot Songs side A

Something’s Happening Here

The boxed set of posters Something’s Happening Here! commemorates an extraordinary, year-long public art project by Berlin artist and musician Jeremy Shaw (Canadian, b 1977). Something’s Happening Here! is a series of street style posters celebrating and memorializing the legacy of Vancouver’s last major civic event, Expo 86. Images included a wide cross section of news articles, promotional materials, and souvenir ephemera, both official and unofficial, from the era. The images were featured on twenty-five unique posters that were distributed–approximately one every second week–across Vancouver beginning in March 2009 and continuing over one year through to the completion of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in March 2010.

5000 CND

  • What Your World is Coming To

Put Your Eye In Your Mouth

Toronto artist Zin Taylor designed this unique poster advertising his exhibition at Presentation House Gallery. The poster is based on one by German artist Martin Kippenberger, and is packaged with a hand-carved wooden survey and equal to the measurement used by Kippenberger to design his metro-Net station in Dawson City, Yukon.

Serigraph print on Stonehenge paper, 91.4 x 61 cm, unframed
with black wooden survey tool

500 CND

  • Put Your Eye In Your Mouth, 2007

Prospect Point

Kevin Schmidt (Canadian, b. 1972) has become well known for his laboriously produced yet subtle time-based projects. In works such as Long Beach Led Zep (2002) and Wild Signals (2007) Schmidt cues the viewer towards a particularly familiar idea of landscape while gradually casting the scene with an obviously fabricated approximation of the sublime.

Commissioned by Presentation House Gallery with the assistance of the Vancouver Parks Board and the Catriona Jeffries Gallery, this unique photograph was shot in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, and depicts a painting on the cut stump of a tree felled during the destructive windstorm in the late fall of 2006. Schmidt eulogizes what has recently been lost while taking advantage of the new prospect afforded by the storm.

Lightjet C-print, 73.5 cm x 64.8 cm, unframed


  • Prospect Point, 2007

Goldberg Variations, Aria, BWV 988, Johann Sebastian Bach, 1742 (Glenn Gould, 1981)

Performance for Two Record Players
Piano: Left and Right Hands
2 minutes, 58 seconds

Published in collaboration with
Bywater Bros. Editions
November 2007

Two 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records inside
a printed gatefold sleeve
7.5 x 7.5 inches / 19 x 19 cm (sleeve folded)
7.5 x 15 inches / 19 x 38 cm (sleeve unfolded)
7 inch / 17.5 cm diameter (records)

Tim Lee’s Piano Performance for Two Record Players features the artist’s rendition of the opening aria of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. An audio recording of each of Lee’s hands was individually mastered on its own record, thus to hear Lee’s ‘variation’, a listener must employ two turntables in perfect synchronicity.

1000 CND

  • Tim Lee, Right Hand

Aria: Goldberg Variations, Johann Sebastian Bach, 1742

2 iris colour prints on rag paper matted in wood frame with double window
16.5 x 12 inches each frame dimensions
24.5 x 34.5 inches


  • Aria: Goldberg Variations, Johann Sebastian Bach, 1742