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Camera Lucida

Camera Lucida present the work of: Christian Boltanski, Connie Hatch, Alfredo Jaar, Liz Magor, Leonel Moura.

Curated by Helga Pakasaar for the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff.

The artists in Camera Lucida ask us to reflect upon familiar photographic images in an unfamiliar context. Drawing from sources as common as news photography, book illustrations and snapshots, these generic images take on a compelling presence in their reconstructed form. The prominence of framing devices in the works draws attention to the conventions of seeing as does the physical play of light, emphasizing the transparent, elusive nature of the photograph ( a light-drawing).

Christian Boltanski’s shrine-like assemblage of snapshots and Connie Hatch’s projected faces point to the distinctions between the portrait as photographic evidence and human absence. Alfredo Jaar’s use of the typical “third world” images are given a disturbing, iconic meaning in their cool fluorescent environment. Similarly, Liz Magor’s sculpture considers the effects of mechanical reproduction on individual identity. Leonel Moura’s reproductions of architectural monuments combined with text questions cultural identity.

Catalogue available.

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