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Jin-me Yoon: Touring Home From Away

“During a residency . . . in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, during the summer of 1998, I researched and produced photographic images that explore the ways in which myths are manifest in the tourist imaginary of PEI. Utilizing sites with recognizable and “condensed” meanings, (rural landscapes, lighthouses, red soil, churches, Green Gables, strip malls, and golf courses, etc.), I placed myself and members of my extended family, along with Island residents, in various locations, staging images of the landscape that highlight the constructed nature, of place and its assumed identities. In Touring Home From Away (1999), by re-working the repositories of meaning embedded in the idea of PEI, I continue an ongoing interest in exploring the cultural function of landscape and representations of place as they pertain to the body and subjectivity” (the artist).

Catalogue published by PHG with text by Shayna McCade and Annette Hurtig.

– Saturday, January 5, 2pm at PHG: an informal discussion with Jin-me Yoon and curator Annette Hurtig, followed by a reception for the artist.


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