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North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G9

Coming to Death’s Door: Sandra Semchuk

“My father suffered from a serious heart attack in July, 1988. In Coming to Death’s Door, he and I look together at the event which led me to my helping him escape from the hospital. In the photographic images I trace my own responses to my father and his inevitable death. This Investigation occurs within the simple experience of moving from the tent where I slept separate from my dather’s home, overlooking a lake in northern saskatchewan, and of situating myself in his bedroom. I use the camera gesturally as a way of sustaining the experience from the inside, and of leaving a trace as an outside observer. The broken image, like the broken self, hastens the processes of reconstruction and synthesis” (Sandra Semchuk).

Supported by the Hamber Foundation, the District of West Vancouver and the Canada Council.

PHG catalogue with a text by Joan Borsa.

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