333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G9

Lee Friedlander: Thick Of Things

Opening Reception; November 28, 7 pm

Presentation House Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition of photographs and books by one of the most important photographers of our time, Lee Friedlander.  A first in Canada, Thick of Things spans over five decades of his work and attests to the undiminished vitality of his unique way of seeing. Friedlander has been called one of the most prolific artists in the  history of photography. His observations refresh the genres of landscape, portraiture and still life through series that extend over many years. This exhibition highlights several bodies of work including rarely-seen images taken in the Canadian Rockies as well as his books and magazine works.

Friedlander is always in the thick of things. The photographs in this exhibition showcase the witty and quirky perspective through acute observations of the social and natural landscape. His densely-layered pictures are full of reflections and interruptions – what might be called photographic mistakes – where one element dissolves into another in fragmented compositions. He captures the eccentricities of commonplace scenes, bizarre commemorative monuments, (American Monument) surreal mannequin display, (Mannequin) and an unruly landscape framed through a rental car window (America by Car). A 2006 commission for the New York Times Magazine, Blush, Sweat and Tears, depicts the chaos of backstage preparations at New York Fashion Week. Another commission shot at Waterton Lakes National Park in Southern Alberta’s Rockies brings an unsettling perspective to the spectacle of mountain scenery. Friedlander’s books included in Thick of Things reveal the scope and depth of his photographic projects and the ongoing significance of his remarkable publications.

Lee Friedlander was born in 1934 in Aberdeen, Washington and has lived in the New York area since the 1950s. He has photographed almost every day since the late 1950s, and continues to be indefatigable with six new books currently in production. He still prints all his own photographs – a claim that can be made by few photographers today. Friedlander has exhibited widely since the early 1960s and is included in major museum collections worldwide. In 2005 the Museum of Modern Art, New York produced a major survey exhibition and comprehensive catalogue on Friedlander’s photography.

This exhibition is made possible through the support of the Artworkers Retirement Society.


  • Lee Friedlander, N.Y.C., 2006, gelatin silver print, courtesy the Artworkers Retirement Society

  • Lee Friedlander, Canadian Rockies, 2005, gelatin silver print, courtesy the Artworkers Retirement Society

  • Lee Friedlander, N.Y.C., 2011, gelatin silver print, courtesy the Artworkers Retirement Society

  • Lee Friedlander, California, 2008, gelatin silver print, courtesy the Artworkers Retirement Society