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SNAP: Making the Digital Image Real Again

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 27th, 1:00pm


Presentation House Gallery is pleased to present the finalists of the Chester Fields photography program. Established in 2008, Chester Fields is a juried exhibition that challenges youth to create original works of art around a given theme.

This year, we wanted students to consider the ways that images circulate online. Because of social media and advancing technology, people are able to capture and share high-quality images like never before. But what happens to these images once they’re posted and shared? Who owns them? Can they be appropriated, or ever truly deleted?

In light of these questions, we asked youth from the Lower Mainland to choose an image that they posted on social media, and to create an original work of photographic art in response to it. “Snapping” out of the digital realm and back into the real world, students were encouraged to take ownership of their creative work, and to think about the photograph not as a digital file, but as a material object.

  • Mia Zhang, "I See You", 2017

Ruscha & Bismuth: Miracles and Missing Pieces

May 31, 2017 at The Cinematheque


7 PM The Films of Ed Ruscha

Los Angeles artist Ed Ruscha has made only three (rarely-shown) films, all dating from near the start of his career. Recently unearthed and restored by the UCLA Film and Television Archive, The Books of Ed Ruscha features Ruscha’s childhood friend, musician and comedy writer Mason Williams, knocking back sundowners on a patio as he solemnly incants and irreverently manhandles the limited-edition art objects of the film’s title. Ruscha’s second film, Premium, a self-parody of the artist as a young man, starring L.A. artist Larry Bell, is a filmic adaptation of his photobook Crackers, based on a short story by Williams. The last film, Miracle, has artist Jim Ganzer playing an auto-mechanic who undergoes a metamorphosis while repairing the carburetor of a ’65 Ford Mustang


The Books of Ed Ruscha | 1968-69, 16mm, 38 mins
Premium | 1971, video, 24 min
Miracle | 1975, video, 28 min


9 PM Where is Rocky II?

France/Germany/Belgium/Italy Dir: Pierre Bismuth, DCP, 93 mins

In 1979, Ruscha allegedly made a fake rock out of resin and hid it among real ones somewhere in California’s vast Mojave Desert. Named Rocky II after the Sylvester Stallone film, the work is never spoken about publicly nor is it listed in any catalogue of his work. Obsessed with this mystery piece, French artist Pierre Bismuth, in his directorial debut, hired a private detective and set out to find it.


Co-produced by Presentation House Gallery and The Cinematheque


The Cinematheque, 1130 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2L7  |  604.688.3456

  • Pierre Bismuth, "Where is Rocky II?" 2016, DCP, 93 min